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Hiya fluffies! Here’s my Virtual Valentine Lookbook! This year i didn’t do it gyaru style, didn’t had the energy for it! But next holiday it will be gal style! LOOK ONE: CUTIE DRESS: ASOS BAG: ALDO SHOES: ALDO LOOK TWO: ANGEL DRESS: FASHION NOVA BAG: CALL IT SPRING SHOES: ALDO LOOK THREE: BABE DRESS: FASHION… Read more “VIRTUAL VALENTINE”

9 Weeks | Regular Make

Hiya Fluffies! I’ve finally started the 9 weeks Gyaru makeup challenge! The template is from @reilaless from instagram! I’ve passed my drivers license in February 3rd! I was stressed but I was still confident. My crystals were next to me during the exam. It was very fast, didn’t felt like 30 minutes. My final grade… Read more “9 Weeks | Regular Make”

New Lenses

I got new lenses from uniqso like 2 months ago and I didn’t where them because I was depressed??? Again?? I don’t understand myself sometimes, like I want to be gal as much as possible but like my brain keeps saying to get gal later because it’s too sad! Like huh???? What?? I’m sad because… Read more “New Lenses”

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Am I soft enough?

That a quite silly question, to anyone that ask. If naturally you are a soft person and you go towards thing that are cute, pretty and cozy to be with or to loom at, you are a soft person. But when it comes to me and my perception of myself and what kind of human… Read more “Am I soft enough?”