Trip Down Memories: Part 1

This will be a three part series of my gal journey of the last three part as a diary. A big part of me doesn’t wanna do it, but to back myself into the Gyaru Lifestyle, I need to look back to where I started and why I fell in this particular fashion, a fashion where it’s kinda hard (very much! lol @ moi) being fat when you wanna be invested in it.

Oct 2014 Until Mar 2015

I was browsing on the web as always, looking at images of fashion and aesthetic photos and I went on tumblr to pitch in all the pictures that I’ve saved in the last hours. I was rebloging, photos from photos when I saw a gal pic with big grey circle lenses. Like anyone, I was intrigue and read the tags below the image and I read #Gyaru #Jfasion #ect… ect… Maybe if I look back in the archive of my tumblr I could find the actual picture in question, but right now, I’m too lazy, it will be on the next diary.

Anyways, at that time I deleted my of facebook account and created a new one with a surname, why le fuck not (ladies and gent’s) As you know my name, maybe not but now yes… It’s Sion Kei and the Kei stands with kanji for Visual Kei, being part of a group, A.K.A. on the hashtag on social media #Vη³» and even though I was seriously (okay, like obsess) with a new genre-a in the japanese culture, my heart will always belong to the Visual Kei I guess?… Well that what was in my mind back in Autumn 2015. Whatever! and as for Sion, well it popped in my mind when it came create a new facebook profile!

okay, back to my debut gal journey!

I’ve found an international Gyaru group and looking at all the pictures of all the other girls, and I was uh… I was really impatient to do my *first*Gyaru look. So, I looked through my mom’s makeup for fake lashes and eyelash glue and *chuckles* and BOIIIIIII 🀣 it was a diSAstER, HAHAH! The glue that I”ve taken was for semi-permanent individual lashes and, whewww CHILE!!!! (child in AAVE) That bitch burn the stewpydness (stupidness) outta me! And also, I had a weird things for masks???? Like I still do but, if I think back it was an inspiration from Lolita fashion if I remember right?🀨 So I was wearing a mask?? With that horrible purple-ish make??? With semi-permanent glue with fake lashes??? A mess, lemme me tell you! A goddamn mess!😫

Y’all come with me and spell the word “crusty”okay? *Ahem* C R, UST, Y IN THE NAME OF THE GYARU LORDS DIDN’T I JUsT WAIT ONE MORE WEEK BEFOR CREATION MY FIRST GAL LOOK! やばい!!!!!!😠
And then when I received from eBay (yes bitch,eBay) my lashes, I tried again, like any gal in the making. I don’t see quite any ~progress in the next look, I still don’t like it until this day lmao 😭

It looks very cakey and “dry” if I could say that?? Yeah… The only thing that I think I did right in this second gal makeup look of mine the the cheeks, they look good, heh (in my mind lmao)
And then I receive my first pair of circle lenses and they were really dark and I was scared to go bold because in my mind, at the time, I had the idea that makeup is supposed to be subtle, you know, just to enhance your features a bit, but nooooooo, Gyaru, is not that, it is supposed to transform you bitch! From hair to the nails to the makeup to the accessories to the clothes and to your community, ya know! 😝

That red shirt made think that I was approaching the Amejaki Gyaru style, I still think that today, I just need to coordinate properly.πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€
After this beautiful subtle look, I reverse, backtracked because I wanted to try new bottom lashes. It was really not cute… hmmm

After that, I tried a more bold, colouful look and posed in my bra which I think is it sooo beautiful, until this day. I’d still wear that bra if I ever find it again ( and if it fits me ‘cuz a gal got fatTER).️😭

Again, my blush looks amazing in this picture, bold colours, boring hair, bright(er) lens color and bolder eye makeup but still boring (a mess, let’s call it what it is girl) look at the end. Heh!
And came Mar 2015Where I did my first Gyaru related video! and that look was pretty cute, pretty much still subtle, to my taste in Gyaru. I give myself a C- for Efforts!πŸ‘πŸΎ

And here you see where I start off and my struggle for my nose contour (lmao &😭 ) Watch my fort Gyaru video below!

Welp! That’s it for part one, the second and third diary will be much longer and crazier memories! Prolly in two week, because *whew* That was a lonnnng ass entry! I hope y’all enjoyed reading it

And this is Sion Kei, Signing Out! (SSO)βœŒπŸΎπŸ’™

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