May the Success begin!

Happy new year and many wishes for your success in your personal life and professional life!

I wanted to write a blog post last night but I was just really really tired and I had a long day where I had to go to my friends house because she needed me about personal situation and I had to visit an apartment because I’m moving soon and just really is just most of yesterday was pretty positive but really tiring.

One of my goals this year is to be more present on social media and in mostly just cloud chasing you know because “that’s why need” to get knowed about my blog & myself and to put in my clothing line out there you know!

And I know you guys still cannot comment on my blog and I want you guys to understand that it is very frustrating for me because I am paying for this website like $20 a month I know that’s crazy but I need to have comments on my website so I could have more engagements and I don’t think that the Wix blog thingy does understand because I need that shit like I really need it!!!! 💬💬💬 Anyways that’s a subject for another matter.

I have many ideas for my blog and what should I write in my diary and I cannot wait to have a regular schedule because that’s what I need for my social media. So if you see that I don’t post often as the other is that I need time for my other platforms, you know! I cannot post like oftenly on instagram and oftenly on my blog and oftenly on my Tumblr and oftenly on my YouTube channel or whatever! ⚔️ I’m giving 100% of my energy but I’m just separating it equally so I do not burn myself out.


OK peeps so I’m just gonna leave this blogpost here and wishing you guys again a happy new year and much much joy in your lives, in your professional lives, in your personal lives and get your clout, you deserve your clout on social media and just be you and may 2019 be the year that we feel good about ourselves 😛

Sion Kei signin out ✌🏾☁️

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