Hello gals! I got dressed up in gyaru back in December for a party and I tooked so many pictures and videos, they’re juste sitting on my phone and taking too much 😂space and I missed blogging.

Recently, I decided that the stats and likes and whatever that is related to numbers on facebook and instagram aren’t worth my attention. My profile on ig is my mood board now and I just post pictures that are related to me and my aesthetic, which is everything baby blue 💠 and gyaru and my wellness in my body…. like being a big girl…. you know…. fat black femme…. it is to discussed later…

Anyhoot, I’ll just dump all the pictures that I took back in December here! I am going back home soon! Ahhhhh 🥺

I’ll be blogging more now, the pandemic made me realize a lot of things about me and I just can’t stay home and do nothing and scroll on the so called “social” app and feel miserable about who I am… I’m tired of intrusive thoughts that make me feel disgusted about my body and myself and my talent in doing art! No more!

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