Am I soft enough?

That a quite silly question, to anyone that ask. If naturally you are a soft person and you go towards thing that are cute, pretty and cozy to be with or to loom at, you are a soft person.

But when it comes to me and my perception of myself and what kind of human am I, what is my personal style, aesthetics, beauty, art, profession, etc, I feel that I don’t belong anywhere. Crazy to say, but I fell that I don’t belong the categories where I feel the most comfortable because it take time & ressources *ahem $$$* to “perfect” where you want to belong


That imposter syndrome of mine have been haunting me since forever, since back in high school, elementary school. Like, I couldn’t fit in the groups that I wanted to be! I like anime, drawing and photography, but there were nowhere & no one to be with and share my passion and be comfortable enough to do so. Apparently, in the journey of my life, i gotta be a loner of a certain amount of time. It has been, like what… 20 years now that I am a loner and I didn’t find any “group of friends” to belong too. 20 years is a lot for a 27 years old, well, at least for me.


It’s weight heavy on my conscience and daily life.


I took these photos and didn’t edit them as much I would do in the past. With a good camera lens and knowing how to do your make well, sometime the pictures can come out at in an excellent quality. Many folks asked me if someone to these pictures of me and I said no, everything on my own with my phone and sony camera.

Tell me, is there something that make you feel lonely before this whole dumbass pandemic arrived and fucked us up? Share in the comments below, I’ll would like to read or watch lol.

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