Favorite Gyaru-ish Outfits | Blog Challenge

Hellou Hellou! 🥰

I know that a lot of us gals am have been on our phones much more and Lea from Emi x Lea had a super great idea! To do a blog challenge and I am up to the tasked! The 30 days gyaru blog challenge is something else lemme tell! Like it’s a lot! Oofff 😳

So, for ten weeks, we gotta write a blog post with with the selected topic! I’ll be posting on fridays, New York time -5 EST. And this week, it’s your favourite outfits as a gal. 😐

Lemme tell you girls that I don’t have that much outfits as the others but the point of it is that in the future (when I finally get back in my apartment, that is 😔), I will do outfit that are more gyaru! In time! Now let’s start!


My Favs Gal Oufits

This one will always have a special place in my heart because 1. I look damn cute 🥰 2. In my head at the time I thought I was *too* fat (focus on the word *THOUGHT*) & 3. It was a first that I had a full length mirror in my moms house so I was really happy!

Now I gotta work really REALLY to loose all the weight that I’ve gained the last 3 years and go back to that size because, BABY!!!! I was better than I knew back then!

Casual Rokku outfit for when I was studying in university!


This one is really really good! I wish I’ve taken better pictures..

Omg ! Major throwback of one of my first gyaru outfits! I look really cute even though it look super basic!

Low efforts outfits, but still worth it!

Last one! Pretty colour! I like everything about it but I whitish I had more accessories! To complement the whole look!


Anyhow, to more gyaru outfits in the future and more often, even though I feel that I am too fat! 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 I’ll think about that but you know what I mean! Please share your blog posts links in the comments so I can view them!

TTYGS 🥰😘💅🏾

One thought on “Favorite Gyaru-ish Outfits | Blog Challenge

  1. Σ>―(〃°o°〃)♡→ Omgg the last one is so cute!! I love that dress and jacket combination!!! The outfit with the denim skirt and wide brim hat will always be one of my faves from you~ (ps. you rock silver / blue hair so well!)
    – Amiman♥

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