To be kind with your body and self

The title of this post may seem very vague but, is you take a minute and think about mean and rude and disrespectful you are towards yourself, you’ll learn that we are our own worst enemy. Many people have told this before me but, if you keep repeating that to yourself, you’ll understand that soon.


Let us start from the fact that there is a stigma about big people in general, that fat people will die sooner than average folks, that thinness equals the best and healthy life.

Through out our human history, fat people have existed, in every culture that you can think of . Some people like to eat more, some prefer exercise more. You also gotta understand there’s the body metabolism that comes in every individual alive here. You gotta understand that , in the core of the health of someone, the wellbeing of their body is between their doctor and them.


If anorexia exist as a eating disorders, the other extreme exist also. The food industry as change so so so much that that it is affecting our digestive system in a very negative way, and that the price of “eating healthy food to be thin and beautiful” is something complex!

Just do exercise, do run outside every, the fat will melt just like butter in a hot pan!

No! It doesn’t work like that! People have bills to pay, that families to take care of, they have school, they have debts to pay, they have hobbies , they have to rest from the trauma they’ve endure in the past! Big people cannot spend their time to lose weight in order to be treated like a human being! Being big should be the least of people worries. Weight loss and weight gain should never be seen in a bad light. You do not know how their bodies works, and you should shut up about it! It’s none of you fucking business!!!


Live & let Live

If you worry about someone health that is close to , you tell them in a kind & right way! If you think one of your big friends are getting unhealthy, please DO NOT GUILT them into thinking it because they’re fat, 90% of the time, it’s something else that make them “unhealthy”non your eyes. Think about that….

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