Errrday Gyaru Makeup|Blog Challenge

Hellou gals! πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ–€

I hope that your week was full of good moments and you took some time off on yourself! That’s what I’ve been doing since I came back to my apartment. Just taking time to appreciate living alone in my own space and being creative in my art, listening to music, taking time to cook meals instead of rushing to eat, you know?…


This week in the blog challenge, it is about everyday gyaru makeup and since I decided to go out and meet friend for a bit, to enjoy the warm wheater, I was like, why not do a easy gal make?! So I did but it was colorful so i can match my out + hair!

A really really deep close-up so you can see the details. It’s actually non-cakey make-up. I just hide my imperfecion with a conceler! That’s the trick!


Silly poses before going out!

Anyhoot, that is pretty much it for me in this post! Do you gals liked my hair? I’m not sure if I like it so much… It’s short….. ahhh I can’t wait for my new hair to come in mail…. with many of my others packages 😁

See you in the next post flufflies!


6 thoughts on “Errrday Gyaru Makeup|Blog Challenge

  1. ヽ(*・ω・)οΎ‰ I love your hair! β™₯ The butterfly clips are super cute btw! I really want to try this makeup trend of opposite eyeshadow, it looks great on you~!
    – Amimanβ™₯


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