Favs Makeup Products | Blog Challenge

Hellou hellou!

I hope you fluffies are having a good week with yourself/family/friends!!! It’s important to feel good in our house/living space during this quarantine.


This week in the blog challenge, we are talking about our favorite makeup products! I don’t have a lot, but more products will be coming soon because of quaratine shopping *ahem*

It look like a picture from a blog post in 2009 but, like I said, I don’t have a lot of favs and it’s okay.

The Eyes

Listen, without a GOOD eyeliner, your look won’t be set. I know that a look that you can achieve without eyeliner and still have a gyaru look but, still it is import for a good eyeliner. Mascara too, not always needed but still-! A liquid glittery eyeshadow will change your game, trust me, it’s fantastic. I will be showing some looks soon 😛

The Lashes

After five years into being gal, this set of lashes are the best suited for my natural eye shape. I love love LOVE those bottom lashes they’re soooo cute and look great on me!


The Face & Lips

A good concealer is not easy to find , especially when you don’t want it to move. Nyx concealer works great with my skin type, specially in the humid temperature here in Montreal. The blush, love, I need to find other color that are pigmented and for the lips. a good neutral color is the best in gyaru make!

Skin Care

You cannot say that you’re a makeup lover without the skin care gals. Makeup and skin care gotta go together because if your skin doesn’t feel/look great, no matter how good you are and all the skills you have, you’ll never be happy the make will look in the end, so, TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN BEFORE AND AFTER MAKEUP BITCH!

Will love, Sion

One thought on “Favs Makeup Products | Blog Challenge

  1. We’re all falling to quarantine shopping lolol!

    I love that you included skincare, I really want to up my skincare game! Also those bottom lashes are SO cute, I want some like those~
    – Amiman♥


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