What about your well being?

Hey! How have you been lately? No but seriously, how have you been handling the simplest things these days? If you’re having the greatest time, that’s on you! But the following conversation will be for flufflies that need to be… reassured and listen.

It’s rough emotionally for a lot of us. A pandemic is not suppose to be “well handled”. There will be stEWpYd people not listening the Health Authorities, it happen every time. Some people think that they’re tougher than the sun. The fµcking Sun ☀️❓❗️❓ But enough about the ignorant folks.


It is okay to feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening, keeping up a facade just to say that “you look okay” is not OK. You gotta reach out for help in your family, friends, peers. No matter in which country you live in, there is a non-profit organization that can help and offers services to be “relief” from a heavy feeling of despair. By being online a lot more, you’ve must seen post and videos that says they can offer assistance in this very terrible time. If you think that you don’t qualify for this aid, it doesn’t cost any else than a few minutes of your time to contact them to see if there’s something for you.


It’s okay to have the feelings/emotions in your mind, your heart, your body… DO NOT BURY THOSE FEELING AND TELL YOURSELF YOU ARE STRONG! It is not the time to deny them and ignore them. You are valid, you are human! Do not lower yourself because their are folks dying of the COVID-19. Yes their situation is worst than your but, your worth everthing too!

Don’t be a shame to feel needy. Everyone is needy. and you deserve everything and beyond. fsfsfs

Love, Sion H.

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