Room 2806: Small Chart Analysis of DSK

Alright, let’s get into it! This piece of shit, DSK ( i don’t even bother to write his full name, he’s a shithole) is a uh… serial rapist? If I understand correctly, liiiiiiiiikkee, in this docu-series, I know for sure that they didn’t tell ALL the assaults that this dumpster has committed. But, hey! Let’s go into his astrological chart for the lolz, of course! 😃 😂


Alriiiiiight! So, this bag of dog turd has is Sun and Venus are conjunting at a 3° orb with Mercury also in the sign of Taurus, that is a stellium! We all know that stelliums ” attracts ” the energy of the opposing sign ( in this case, Scorpio ) a “vicious” way or whatever how you’d be interpreted it.


His AC is in direct opposition of his Jupiter means he needs to be free to take advantage of opportunities, thus finding so ways to exploit of people when they works for you.

Sun, Venus, Mercury all in the sign of Taurus, thus giving him some type of beauty and poise-ness to be able to seduce the people working “under” him.

Mars is at home in Aries, giving a boost to his “masculinity” and having it in the 10th house gave him 1000X more boost, confidence in what he was doing while working in the world of finance &… well… his sexuality!


Pluto at 14° (Taurus ) in Leo (sexuality) is in square with Mercury (communication) and Venus (the way loves). Pluto naturally rules sex and all the taboo surrounding it, it’s an scorpio thing! But the way it’s placed (Retrograde + Squares) in chart under the influence of Leo, the sexual perviness of Pluto is enhanced with the playfulness of sex (Leo), making his sex parties very rough. Also, Pluto naturally like power and to be emotionally detach, so probably during his sex encounter this piece of trash doesn’t care about what the women says or do, he will do as he please.


Well that was it! That is my mini astro understanding of this shit stain human.

This is Sion Hea, signing out

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