3 Simple Looks | Summer 2020

When Saturn peaches a little bit back in June 2020, I was sooooooo motivated to actually be the person that I wanted to become and one of these aspects is fashion and I’ve recorded videos about it and I was supposed to write a blogpost and finish the challenges but when the retrograde started I was depressed…. again… like a fool. Like my motivation became overwhelming and I posted-pone everything, my art, my hangouts, my blog post… like I couldn’t explain at the time why my motivation became too much to handle but now with astrology, I can!

Look Two
Look One

I don’t use astrology as an excuse for my past actions, it helps explain what happened and what might happen in the future.

Look Two

But my love d’or fashion will never go away, I have Jupiter in Libra, so…. my passion will only continue to grow and be more more influential on y’all….

Look Three

Please watch these two videos! I worked really hard on them! Tell me if y’all want the winter lookbook!

TTYS 🎐 Sion

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