New Lenses

I got new lenses from uniqso like 2 months ago and I didn’t where them because I was depressed??? Again?? I don’t understand myself sometimes, like I want to be gal as much as possible but like my brain keeps saying to get gal later because it’s too sad!


Like huh???? What?? I’m sad because I don’t stuff that I want but like my brain is, ugh… I hate this. I can’t wait to get my cat today!

who didn’t I do my nails this day??

I really can’t wait to get more and more tattoos… they make me happy. Everyone wants to be happy. With this pendejo outside fucking up what are we used too, I think a lot of folks are going to choose happiness over “society” opinions… The capitalist system ain’t shit.


Tell me. What makes you happy? What are doing to make yourself happy?

me, I’ve stopped caring what folks telling me what’s best for me. They aren’t me and never will be.

4 thoughts on “New Lenses

  1. Your eye make is so pretty!! 😍❤💕 I hope your depression leaves you alone so you can do more gal looks 😭❤


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