9 Weeks | Regular Make

Hiya Fluffies! I’ve finally started the 9 weeks Gyaru makeup challenge! The template is from @reilaless from instagram!

as always the original was pink and I’ve put it in blue 💙

I’ve passed my drivers license in February 3rd! I was stressed but I was still confident. My crystals were next to me during the exam. It was very fast, didn’t felt like 30 minutes. My final grade was 77% and it takes 75% to pass. I was SHOOKED that I passed! Remind y’all that it’s winter in Montreal, Canada and that we get up to 30 cm of snow ❄️ sometimes. Even more!


I thanked my ancestors and my guardians angels for passing, like it’s pretty severe here to pass your drivers license. Anyhoot! It’s done, now I need a car. And I’m good to travel anywhere!


Here are the results of my regular everyday gal makeup. The next pictures are not edited!

Here are pics with filters on! Mostly from ig.

Here is the IGTV video ✨❄️📹

Thank you for reading, I’ll see you fluffies in the next blog post! It will be also a challenge.


ttys 💧 Sion 🎐

12 thoughts on “9 Weeks | Regular Make

  1. Congrats ! What crystals did you have with you? (Don’t share if you don’t want to/if it’s personal) but that’s really exciting! I love your make too~ the chalkenge sounds fun! I want to try it but idk if I’ll post ~


  2. Okay can I just say… That top is SUPER PRETTY aaah I love florals so much! You look super cute and I love your regular gal make.

    Also, huge congrats on passing your driving test!!!!!


  3. You look so angelic as a blonde ♥! Congrats on your driver’s license :3

    Also, hope you enjoy the challenge ;v; I started it when it came out last year but I did not finish it </3 Can't wait to see all your looks!


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