Gyaru Inspirations | Blog Challenge

Hiya! I hope you gals are well today!

In this week gyaru blog challenge, we get o talk about our inspirations for our gyaru style! So instead to post each pictures one by one and write long details about why it inspires my gyaru personality, I’ll just post them in gallery style! Get to know me below! 👇🏾✨☁️🏳️‍🌈💙💖 🎇


The Blues

The Magazines


The Gals

With will power & 💖 Sion

One thought on “Gyaru Inspirations | Blog Challenge

  1. Omggg this is like the perfect tumblr blog layout~ I love it!! And I even saved a few images for inspo ♥ ps. I almost shed a tear being put there with those fabulous gals~ (づ◡﹏◡)づ 💞 you’re so kind Sion~
    – Amiman♥


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